How do we encourage the global initiatives and actors within our community to get to know each other and collaborate?

The Global Opportunities (GO) Center organizes the Global Student Welcome Reception in order to enable students from our local colleges and universities with an international background or interest to:

  • get to know one another
  • connect with local business owners & community leaders
  • learn about off-campus opportunities & downtown Greensboro




Ebi Kalan, Graduate Student from Iran
"As an international student, attending the Welcome Reception held by the Global Opportunities Center, gave me a greater insight into my future career path. I believe that the GO-LiNC program has the potential to become a novel avenue, especially for international students, to discover how they can access local opportunities in order to accomplish their goals in the field of their studies and related areas. Thanks to the GO Center for organizing the Welcome Reception. I am looking forward to participate in future events and programs."


Lucie Chazal, Undergraduate Student from France
"The International Student Welcome Reception was a nice event. It was great to have the opportunity to meet new people and to get in touch with local businesses. I particularly remember a lady who was working in the fashion sector and had her own brand of clothes. That was really interesting."