We converge by creatively linking an extensive network of globally focused business, education, government and community partners.


We exchange by connecting our diverse local talent base of actors to drive global career and business opportunities.


We innovate by aligning strategic efforts to become a global region of the future.

The Triad is a very global place. It has a long history of creating innovative products and services that are known all over the world - from the 1890s when the Cone brothers produced denim and Lunsford Richardson invented Vicks VapoRub, to today when we are home to world class companies like Honda Aircraft, VF Corporation, Syngenta, HAECO, Volvo, The Center for Creative Leadership and many other globally engaged organizations.


Our public and private universities attract a growing number of international students and faculty from more than 80 countries and send students all over the world. Our community is home to a vibrant immigrant population - a significant contributor to our economic vitality.


The Global Opportunities Center builds on this global history, existing strengths, and abundant human and physical resources. It provides a single source platform for connections, bringing together dispersed assets for a bigger bang than would be possible working in silos. Through high-value initiatives and ready access to resources andinformation, anyone pursuing new global careers and business opportunities can connect with needed expertise, programs and resources.


  • The GO Center functions as a resource for business support services for global market expansion of local organizations.
  • The GO Center is a platform for global experiential learning opportunities.
  • The GO Center is a connecting hub for international student and business recruitment.